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Discussion items

Remote API
  • Up on Dev

  • RC5 up on QA2

  • RC up on QA2

EVS Compare
  • On Dev but with configuration issues

Report Exporter
  • Update to Vue continues
    • AM working steadily
  • Spring update on AWS QA

Term Browser
  • Moving to Stage for patch from QA
  • Possibly on Prod Friday or early next week
  • Move to DataQA after that

End of Life
  • Mark working on year plan 
    • Still pending
  • URL repointing - still pending

LexBIG Mapping
  • Brian to review and he and Lori to formulate questions.
  • RFP response provided to Mark

NCIt Browser
  • Browser-util updated for Spring 5, maven
  • Working on main browser
  • Send email to GF to become contributor for TS

  • No details on this. Other terminologies needed?
    • Which terminologies?
    • Timeframe?
    • Batch queries or atomic?
    • Performance requirements?

New person, Eric, doing data loading

System migration
New qa2 up and running.

Spring update
  • Spring 5 work on QA 2
  • Spring 3 older stack on QA

New Mayo team lead
Hired and starting the onboarding

Software Architecture

New group started by Larry Brem

Action items