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Discussion items


  • Up on QA
  • No remote component

  • Passed QA and QA2
    • Updated all error handling to be sent to Spring

Report Exporter
  • Update to Vue continues
    • AM working steadily
  • Spring update on AWS QA
    • Working on error page

NCIt Browser
  • Browser-util updated for Spring 5, maven
  • Working on main browser - having issues setting properties
  • Possibly use the new lexbig.jar in browser? Bring it up with Lori

System migration
term-suggestion done?

Mayo staffing

1.5 FTE for Mayo on Dec 1

MetaThesaurus hierarchy
  • On QA
  • Requested to Stage


DSRMWS-2230 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Looking for Metathesaurus, MedDRA and RadLex
  • Not looking at LexEVS API anymore

Java 8
  • evs-jenkins broken for multiple project due to elimination of Java 8
  • Restored for Metabrowser, Report Writer, CTS2.
    • Test other apps on Dev -Terms browser
    • Other apps are on 11 (Explorer, etc)
  • Lucene incompatible with Java 11
    • Major effort to update
  • Look at options for updating to either 11 or 17
    • Does CBIIT allow 17?
  • Will it affect Protege?
    • End date for 8 officially 2030?

Action items