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Discussion items


  • Up on QA with metabrowser extension fix
  • No remote component
  • No need to promote as all services are self contained with lexbig.jar?
    • Still needed for debugging on higher tiers
      • only update if required
    • Still Spring 3 so could be shut down at any time

Systems transition
  • New vendor in early January
    • multiple contracts/groups?
  • Unknown personnel changes?

Report Exporter
  • Update to Vue continues

NCIt Browser
  • Scott working but having issues with duplicate classes
    • Could be eclipse issue

System migration
  • Mark pursuing to get QA done this month

Mayo staffing
  • 1.5 FTE for Mayo on Dec 1

Java 8
  • T Truong recommending updating to Java 11
  • Lucene incompatible with Java 11
    • Major effort to update

Action items