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Discussion items


  • CTS2 on QA, netsparker requested
  • Last step for Spring 5 update from LexEVS

Systems transition
  • New vendor in early January
    • T Truong moving outside of systems
      • How will data deployment work next week?
    • C Solie should still be saying
    • Cloud and on-prem under different companies

Report Exporter
  • Update to Vue3 continues

NCIt Browser
  • Scott working on hibernate

NCIm Browser
  • Tested with new LexEVS jar?

System migration
  • QA ready, needs URL repointed
  • Stage soonish?
  • Will DataQA still be a physical server? With local DB?
    • Processing co-located to DataQA?

Mayo staffing
  • 1.5 FTE for Mayo on Dec 1

Java 8
  • Doing LexEVS dependency matrix
  • Same for browsers?

OWL issues
  • Odd characters "<" or ">"
    • Causes parsing issues. Had to edit OWL file
  • Out of Memory issue so increased to 15GB
  • OWLDiff throwing errors, cannot load OWL file

Action items