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Discussion items


  • Spring 5 done for all but browser
  • Remote, URL_Resolver to be retired
    • An announcement was sent-ish?
  • Vulnerability updates in progress
    • Want to release Spring 5 browser without these changes

Systems transition
  • New vendor in early January
    • Eric Gavua has take over most of Tracy T's work

Report Exporter
  • Update to Vue3 continues

NCIt Browser
  • Scott working on remote server call issues
    • Browser starting now, still needs some work on functionality
      • Much of the work is removing remoteAPI and caCORE dependencies
    • Primarily mapping queries being adjusted for Mybatis

NCIm Browser
  • Tested with new LexEVS jar?
    • Not yet tested
    • Kim suspects similar problems to NCIt browser

System migration
  • QA ready, URLs repointed. 
    • Ticket needed for retirement of box?
  • Stage and Prod next
  • DataQA configuration?

LexEVS code dependency
  • Code dependency work begun
  • Need to turn into an plan in phases
    • Do vulnerability updates
    • Java 8 to 11
    • Other version updates
    • Prepare to review versions regularly for update

Retirement of LexEVS stack
  • Timeline security driven?
  • EVS Explore/Stardog stack ready to take over?

Action items