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Spring 5
  • NCIm waiting on data deployment. Currently on Stage

  • NCIt Browser compiling but needs verified.
  • Other bug found - cart not working 
  • slf4j conflicts resolved
  • package names repaired

jQuery 1.1
  • Nobody seems to own it. Recommended remove?
  • On all tiers? 
  • Secure version is 3.0

ICD10 to MedDRA mapping
  • Coming in next Metathesaurus?
  • Metadata file being structured
  • Loaded from MRMAP in LexEVS

System migration
  • Stage 2-
    • Waiting to repoint URLs until Meta stabilized
    • Meta to go to Prod this week
    • Monthly data to Prod hopefully this week
  • DataQA after Prod
    • database on machine - migrate first?
    • Test performance of old loaders vs new database.
    • Other apps follow DB - determine if needs to be co-located
    • Does script need to be updated?

End of Life
  • Remote API and URI Resolver down on Dev and QA
    • Stage and Prod waiting until Stage 2 stabilized
    • New data test application being written for automated data deployments
    • Will need to update deployment script by Systems

  • On Stage 2
  • Will be part of Prod VM once Stage is complete

SumoLogic to DataDog
  • Migration scheduled to begin in October and end in March 2024
  • Queries used to generate current reports turned over to migration team.

Action items