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Discussion items


Spring 5
  • On Prod

  • on Dev, report written
  • merge request entered

jQuery 1.1
  • on upper tiers only, suggest removal
  • Replied to email and told them to remove from Stage
  • Now getting reports about Spring and JQuery on Prod, asked for more info. Will try rescan

ICD10 to MedDRA mapping
  • Coming as separate file
  • Metadata file being structured
  • Mapping data provided by third party in Excel format
  • Going to try loading on Dev - after modifying Perl script
  • How to identify schema? Need to check for official naming in DB
    • Tracy to check naming method and send email

New Value Set
Informed there will be a new value set in this NCIt

System migration
  • Stage 2-
    • Ready to Go
    • Chao concerned that Apache redirection might not work - needs testing during data deployments
  • Prod - question about Coretto on Stage vs Oracle on Prod
    • Consensus is that it should be safe.
  • DataQA after Prod
    • database on machine - migrate first?
    • Test performance of old loaders vs new database.
    • Other apps follow DB - determine if needs to be co-located
    • Does script need to be updated?

End of Life
  • URI Resolver - request in to go down on Stage
  • RMI 
    • New data test application being written for automated data deployments
    • Will need to update deployment script by Systems

  • On Stage 2
  • Will be part of Prod VM once Stage is complete

SumoLogic to DataDog
  • Migration scheduled to begin in October and end in March 2024
  • Queries used to generate current reports turned over to migration team.

Action items