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Notes pasted from while wiki was down

NCIt Browser – pull request – into Dev.  Per Jason we should be able to merge into master.

CSS Universal Banner – still in planning.  Ye Wu is researching adding a line in the CSS to check if a file exists.  If it does, it will serve it up as a banner on any/all public facing web pages. This is something we want to do before the next threatened government shutdown.

            Action item: Get a reviewable proposal by next Wednesday (Mark)

Java/Spring update – Java 17/Spring 6 may be required this year.  Will pull along hibernate, maybe lucene, others. Gauging scope and feasibility.  Mayo to examine and construct plan for migration and estimate level of effort. Action: diagram by end of October? LOE in November?

Data – Mapping update – Snomed and ICD10s in EVSExplore now.  Snomed to ICD10 mappings required.

JQuery – They can remove anything except inside the cts2service war.  All the instances in the scan are .js files, not actually jQuery jars.  There is nothing to move. Is there a vulnerability there?

Action items