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Discussion items


  • Working on this in lexevs. Looking at dropping Hib and using Mybatis
  • Do browsers use hibernate directly?

jQuery 1.1
  • Security wants update to 3.5

Banner testing
  • Browsers all up on QA
  • CTS2 on QA
  • Report Exporter - still pending.  Ticket put on Dev to configure Apache.
  • CTS2Docs - still pending

  • Scans running now on QA. 
  • Might need rigorous involvement to get upper tier configurations correct
  • ehcache changes included here - requiring more memory

System migration
  • Stage 2-
    • Ready to Go, waiting on Prod
    • VMs use Coretto Java 8
    • Chao concerned that Apache redirection might not work - needs testing during data deployments
  • DataQA after Prod
    • database on machine - migrate first?
    • Test performance of old loaders vs new database.
    • Other apps follow DB - determine if needs to be co-located
    • Does script need to be updated?

End of Life
  • URI Resolver - down on Stage

SumoLogic to DataDog
  • Queries being migrated by Systems
  • Tracy will need to build dialogs

@TracySafran - ping Cyrus to see if there is anything more he needs

Security meeting
  • NetSparker revealing multiple Apache/JavaVM/Nodejs issues to be remediated by Systems
  • CTS2/CTS2Docs - possibly being brought inside firewall.
    • Any issues with removing exceptions for just these? 

CTS2 Future
  • More and more vulnerabilities being found in the old dependencies
  • Shutting it down will lose REST access to some vocabularies - but those are currently not being queried through CTS2 anyway

  • The repos here are administered by Gilberto now.  Will transition by end of December - Lyubov will be federal lead.
  • Larry Brem aiding the migration and administration

Action items