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Discussion items


Java 17
  • Migration to Java 17
    • Corretto Java 17 installed on Dev
    • Tomcat 9 partially installed on Dev - ticket in for configuration
  • On Dev - none of the configuration done
    • not set
    • no present
    • Some of the value set files seem to want to live on local machine - compiledVSDefinitions?
      • Do code review to determine where dependencies lie - create Jira item
    • ftp1 site -
    • Ready to move terms browser to Dev
  • New environment. Systems contacted yesterday - still working
    • Will set meeting sometime this week
  • NCIm browser responsibility - ECS or MSD?
  • Create Jira item to do compiledVSDefinition files analysis and elimination

  • Chasing ehcache temp bean jar creation
    • Normal behavior, but all files should be deleted when application shuts down/restarted
    • Claims files cant be used or processed - loading files fails. 
    • Kicks off at same time as commonValueSetsUtils. Does a hash of all value sets
    • ehcache updated as part of Spring 5 update
    • Heap Dump file might be useful during startup to see what is being loaded onto stack
      • onchange() no longer hooked up for managing process, since no longer loading during serving
      • Could be adding a lot of pressure on environment to build it all during startup
      • Could new OS be handling the stacks differently?
      • Corretto - outside chance this is an issue, but we think it not likely
  • Try to get a Heap dump on Dev/ maybe on local
    • Lots of churn, no movement
  • Examine what has changed in ehcache with Spring 5

Email/Contact Us
  • Working on eliminating Contact Us form
    • On QA tier now

Production NCI Terms
  • Still multiple issues on Prod
    • Scott creating Jira issues as items identified
  • L3cache issues?  Possibly filling up and not allowing processing by cores
    • Dev has larger cache and more CPUs
  • Possible security solution - throttle IPs that are overworking CPU
    • L5 load balancer
  • Tracy to follow up with Security team/systems

System migration
  • Prod in testing
    • Check if data loads properly updated
  • Stage 2 - can we ask for top access to this?
  • DataQA after Prod
    • database on machine - migrate first?
    • Test performance of old loaders vs new database.
    • Other apps follow DB - determine if needs to be co-located
    • Does script need to be updated?
  • List of EVS URLs
  • Check with systems - See if we can test prod2 data deployment

SumoLogic to DataDog
  • p805 running
    • running
    • evs explore, evsrestapi, report-exporter still being worked on

Term Browser
  • History fix on QA

Backlog review
First pass completed - thank you

  • Hidden GCI detected.  Linter run.  
  • SOP being written on lint

Tier changes
Dev and QA not sync'd for 6 months. Will look at updating next month.

Action items