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Java Code Snippet
   System.out.println("Example double restriction query with additional " 
           +"application of sort criteria and restricted return values.");
   // Declare the service...
       LexBIGServiceImpl lbs = LexBIGServiceImpl.defaultInstance();
   // Start with an unconstrained set of all codes for the vocabulary
   CodingSchemeVersionOrTag csvt = new CodingSchemeVersionOrTag();
   CodedNodeSet cns = lbs.getCodingSchemeConcepts(SAMPLE_SCHEME2, csvt);
   // Constrain to concepts with designations (assigned text presentations
   // that contain text that sounds like 'Short Saphenous Vein'
   cns = cns.restrictToMatchingDesignations(
                   "Short Safinus Vane", 
   // Further restrict the results to concepts with a semantic type of
   // 'Anatomical Structure'
   cns = cns.restrictToMatchingProperties(
                   null, "Anatomical Structure",
   // Indicate that the resulting list should be sorted with the best 
   // results first and then sorted by code if there is a tie.
   SortOptionList sortCriteria = Constructors.createSortOptionList(
                   new String[] {"matchToQuery", "code"});
   // Indicate to return only the assigned UMLS_CUI and 
   // textualPresentation properties.
   LocalNameList restrictTo =ConvenienceMethods.createLocalNameList(
                   new String[] {"UMLS_CUI", "textualPresentation"} );
   // Still nothing computed yet.
   // Perform the query && resolve the sorted/filtered list with a 
   // maximum of 6 items returned.
   ResolvedConceptReferenceList list = cns.resolveToList(
                   sortCriteria, restrictTo, null, 6);
   // Print the results
   ResolvedConceptReference[] rcr = list.getResolvedConceptReference();
   for (ResolvedConceptReference rc : rcr) 
       System.out.println("Resolved Concept: " + rc.getConceptCode());