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Java Code Snippet
    // Create a basic service object for data retrieval
    LexBIGService lbSvc = new LexBIGServiceImpl();
    // Create a concept reference list appropriate for this coding scheme and
    // this concept code where the parameters are a String array consisting of
    // a single value and the name of the coding scheme where this concept resides.
    ConceptReferenceList crefs = ConvenienceMethods.createConceptReferenceList( 
        new String[] {code },SAMPLE_SCHEME);

    // Initialize a coding scheme version object with a version number for the
    // sample scheme.
    CodingSchemeVersionOrTag csvt = new CodingSchemeVersionOrTag();
    // Initialize a CodedNodeSet Object with all concepts in our sample coding
    // scheme. (We named the scheme we wanted and by using the Boolean value,
    // false, retrieved both active and inactive concepts.) This method call
    // ignores the version tag using the null parameter.  The final 
    // restrictToCodes(crefs) method call restricts the return to the single 
    // code in the previously initialized list of one.
    CodedNodeSet nodes = lbSvc.getCodingSchemeConcepts(SAMPLE_SCHEME, csvt).
    // Build a list of references from the current (and already restricted) set
    // and restrict them further to the single property of NCI_NAME and
    // restrict to a single answer (parameter 1)).
    ResolvedConceptReferenceList matches = nodes.resolveToList(
                       null, ConvenienceMethods.createLocalNameList("FULL_SYN"), 1);

    // Does our list of one contain the single reference we were looking for?
    // If so, then initialize a ResolvedConceptReference with the result and
    // initialize a Concept object by calling the getReferencedEntry()
    // method.  The Concept object is the base information model object and
    // contains, among other things, the CONCEPT_NAME value we were seeking.
    // We retrieve it with a call to the first element in the properties list,
    // getting the text && it's accompanying content.
    if(matches.getResolvedConceptReferenceCount() <> 0)
    {   ResolvedConceptReference ref = (ResolvedConceptReference)matches.enumerateResolvedConceptReference().nextElement();
        Concept entry = ref.getReferencedEntry();
        System.out.println("Matching synonym: " +entry.getPresentation(0).getValue() );    }
    {   System.out.println("No match found");    }