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Java Code Snippet
       // Create a basic service object for data retrieval
       LexBIGServiceImpl lbs = LexBIGServiceImpl.defaultInstance();
       // Create a list of unique references (concept codes) for this coding scheme.
       // Parameters:  
       //       A String array initialized with a single concept code
       //       The name of the target Coding Scheme.
       ConceptReferenceList crefs = ConvenienceMethods.createConceptReferenceList( 
                       new String[], SAMPLE_SCHEME);
       // Initialize a coding scheme version object the version of the
       // sample scheme.
       CodingSchemeVersionOrTag csvt = new CodingSchemeVersionOrTag();
       // Initialize a CodedNodeSet Object with all possible concepts in our sample coding
       // scheme, then restrict the node set to a single node using restrictToCodes(crefs)
       CodedNodeSet nodes = lbs.getCodingSchemeConcepts(SAMPLE_SCHEME, csvt).
       // Build a potential list of references from the current (and already restricted) set
       // and restrict them to the single property name "textualPresentation" and
       // allow the list a size of 1.
       ResolvedConceptReferenceList matches = nodes.resolveToList(
                       null, ConvenienceMethods.createLocalNameList("textualPresentation"), null, 1);
       // Check the list size to see if any references are returned.  If true
       // get the only referenced entity in the list and print out it's "presentation"
       // or textual representation.
       if(matches.getResolvedConceptReferenceCount() > 0)
           ResolvedConceptReference ref = (ResolvedConceptReference)matches.
           Entity entry = ref.getReferencedEntry();
           System.out.println("Matching Name: " +
                   entry.getPresentation(0).getValue().getContent() );