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EVS Websites

Below is a list of EVS sites and what analytics is being captured for it.

Useful Sites

EVS SitesURLSite StatsGoogle AnalyticsComments
Report Exporter gtag manager
EVS REST API sure if GA is possible
NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services
NCIt Browser
NCI Termshttp://nciterms.nci.nih.govYesNo
EVS Explorer
Metathesaurus Browser
NCI Terminology Resources Domain?
CTS2 Online Documentationhttp://lexevscts2docs.nci.nih.govYesNo


Dashboard requirements

  • Metrics that are not recorded by GA
    • IP Address of user
    • Resolved IP
    • Domain of user
  • User metrics that are in GA
    • Country of access
    • New or returning users
    • Frequency of return
    • Browser utilized
  • System metrics
    • When traffic goes up or down dramatically
    • When page loads exceed a set target
    • Average page load times
    • Is the system up or down
  • Discuss Google Tag Manager and how it might be used
    • File download statistics

Report Requirements:

  • Unique visitors per month
  • Total number of visits per month
  • Duration of visits per month
  • Number of visits by duration
  • Data downloaded per month
  • Number of visits by top level domain
  • Data volume accessed by domain
  • Filtering of lines from logs


  • Sumo Logic Specific
    • How to determine user domain?
    • How to determine user duration on website?
    • Will there be a fully functional REST API available
    • When will we be able to start work with Sumo Logic
  • Can Google Analytics be used on REST Services (with no UI)?
  • What tools are available besides GA, AWStats, and DAP?
  • Any log readers/APIs that are free to use to read stats (for apache logs)?
  • AWS Servers - can we get Apache logs from AWS servers (AWStats)?

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