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Author:  Craig Stancl, Scott Bauer, Cory Endle
Team:  LexEVS
Contract:   16X237
Client:  NCI CBIIT
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

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The purpose of this document is to document the scope and priorities for year 2 between the NCI and Mayo.

Project 16X237 - Year 2 - High Level Scope and Priorities




(1-high, 3-low)

Value SetSource asserted LexEVS Value Set resolution with the text search.1
API Services

Participate in unified API services working group.

Provide assistance to caDSR team to parse results coming from CTS2.

Migrate CTS2 API from Heroku to NCI.

Provide EVS/LexEVS User Education - Focus on support and easy end use

Investigate Node Graph (microservice or other, based on triple store).

Investigate usage of MariaDB for JSON and graphing capabilities.

Update LexEVS mapping model and API to accommodate extended use cases


Investigate the use of Docker to deploy data (Database container).

Investigate the use of Docker containers to support end users.

LexEVS deployments using Docker




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