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LexEVS 6.1 has all the administrative capabilities of LexEVS 6.0 as well as the following loader functions:

LexEVS 6.1 OWL2 Loader Script

Shell Script

Use and Function


 Loads an OWL file. You can provide a manifest file to configure coding scheme# meta data.


  •    -in,--input <uri> URI or path specifying location of the source file
  •    -mf,--manifest <uri> URI or path specifying location of the manifest file
  •    -lp,--loaderPrefs<uri> URI or path specifying location of the loader preference file
  •    -v, --validate <int> Perform validation of the candidate resource without loading data.  If specified, the '-a' and '-t' options are ignored.  Supported levels of validation include:
  •          0 = Verify document is well-formed
  •          1 = Verify document is valid
  •    -a, --activate ActivateScheme on successful load; if unspecified the vocabulary is loaded but not activated.
  •    -t, --tag <id> An optional tag ID (e.g. 'PRODUCTION' or 'TEST') to assign.

 Load Example:

LoadOWL2 -in "file:///path/to/somefile.owl" -a
LoadOWL2 -in "file:///path/to/somefile.owl" -v 0