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This document (section) is an addendum to the LexEVS 5.0 Design and Architecture Guide.

Purpose of This Document

This document provides the detailed design and implementation of the LexBIG Enterprise Vocabulary Service (LexEVS) Loader Framework Extension. It is also the goal of this document to provide enough information to enable software developers to create their own loaders. This document assumes familiarity with the LexEVS software.

LexEVS v5.1 Enhancements to the Loader Framework

The new framework:

  • provides classes and interfaces that are more modular and easier to extend
  • provides improved loader performance
  • allows dynamic loading of new loaders
  • is built upon proven open source technologies such as SpringBatch and Hibernate
  • is completely independent of the current loader code in LexEVS so there will be no impact to current loaders

Implementation Overview

Implementation Contents