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This document is a section of the Design and Architecture Guide.

LexBIG Extensions

The LexBIG vocabulary model extends the LexGrid model to provide unique constructs or granularity required by caBIG® that are not present in the core model. While many extensions exist, this document will focus on some of direct relevance to the high-level architecture.

Concept Resolution

LexBIG allows the service runtime to provide managed resolution of code-based objects that are referenced through LexBIG-specific lists and iterators (mechanism that allow streaming of list content). These lists and iterators are typically returned when requesting sets or graphs of vocabulary terms through the LexBIG API (described in VKC:LexBIG APIs). Some model components involved in the resolution process include:

  • ConceptReference - A globally unique reference to a concept code.
  • ResolvedConceptReference - A concept reference for which additional information has been resolved, including description and relationship participation.
  • AssociatedConcept - A concept reference that contains full detail in participation as a source or target of an association, including indications of navigability and qualification.


Formal representation of the LexGrid and LexBIG models are discussed in LexEVS Information Models.