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Patch release requires user to replace lbRuntime.jar. A small change in the lbconfig.props file can also be incorporated into an existing configuration file to take advantage of an adjustable cache size for value set definitions:

Version 6.0.1

This release includes previous patch items from 6.0.1:

Version 6.0.2

  • RRF loader now allows 9 characters in the staging table for LUI s
  • Changed the default collation used in MySql FROM utf8_general_ci TO utf8_bin
  • Fixed error in intersection and difference function
  • Fixed error in mapping functions to allow concepts to be resolved properly.
  • The LexEVS OWL export code has been updated to ensure that the the CUI and TUI properties are present in the OWL exported content.
  • Admin scripts cleaned up to match documentation to functionality
  • Updated MeDRA security files.
  • Users can now set collation table values from configuration file.
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