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Part of document: LexEVS 6.1 Proposed Scope Items


Ability to add metadata to value set definitions

  • Assumption: This is similar to the process of adding metadata to the coding scheme.
  • Update: Current format fine. Need to make sure cleanup occurs.

Tasks to Complete

  • Design & implement a new metadata loader (or use existing if the same format is acceptable)
  • If new loader is required, need new metadata API
  • Modify code to allow attaching metadata to the value set.
  • Create a query to search value set metadata.
  • Make sure metadata gets cleaned up on removal of a value set
  • Update value set GUI to support metadata

Estimated Effort

  • W/new loader: 2 months/1 FTE
  • W/O new loader: 2 weeks/1 FTE

Associated Gforge Items

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