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LexEVS 6.1 release highlights include the addition of new content loaders that target both new standards and better sources for content. LexEVS 6.0 featured comprehensive implementation of the CTS2 draft standard for trial use, LexEVS 6.1 features a set of interfaces built on the final OMG CTS2 API specification.  Note that 6.1 does not include updates to the the Grid Services currently running on 6.0 which will be retired within 6 months of the final 6.1 release date. No 6.1 deployment of the grid services will take place.

Defects fixedIssueDescription
LEXEVS-577MedDRA_history_english.asc data are not loaded by the MedDRA (ASCII file) loaderAn addition to the new MedDRA loader that supplies history data as a property with qualifiers
LEXEVS-578Contains search using "non-small occult" as the search string against NCIt returns nothing.

Accuracy boosting of lucene special characters implemented here

LEXEVS-571Ability to drop or load multiple resolved value setsSupport of mass dropping and loading of value sets
LEXEVS-569Load times for LoadOWL take significantly longer in 6.0 

LoadMetaBatch throws illegal character error

Accuracy boosting around special characters implementation
LEXEVS-444Trying to load NCIt to ICD9 MRMAP file, get errorSupport for missing or null elements in the MRMAP file
LEXEVS-495ICD9 GEMS map throws java.lang.NullPointerExceptionSupport for missing or null elements in the MRMAP file
LEXEVS-506Missing database index for MetathesaurusIntegration of the Metathesaurus index load to loader.
LEXEVS-514OWL loader puts property comments on every property valueCorrecting and separating content for improved readability and accuracy in the OWL loader
LEXEVS-533SNOMED Loader does not build Transitivity Table 
LEXEVS-526Metathesaurus unable to load or ResumeCorrecting data base constraints against content changes
LEXEVS-492Unable to export NCI Thesaurus 11.10e 
Features implementedIssueDescription
LEXEVS-552LexEVS Loader Enhancement - OWL2 LoaderLexEVS now loads content based on the latest OWL standard
LEXEVS-551LexEVS Loader Enhancement - MedDRA LoaderMedDRA content can now be loaded from native MedDRA ASCII files
LEXEVS-550LexEVS Performance Enhancement - Search Performance (Contains)HIgh efficiency search is implemented for a "contains" type search
LEXEVS-547LexEVS Enhancement for CTS2 - Entity Query Across Code SystemCross content search with reasonable performance is implemented
LEXEVS-546CTS2 REST MapEntryMapEntry Read and query with restrictions to code system (name of map) and either source or target code system
LEXEVS-544CTS2 REST MapCatalogEntryMapCatalog Read and query with restrictions to code system (name of map) and either source or target code system
LEXEVS-541CTS2 REST Association

Association Query with restrictions on the following:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Restrict a source
  • Restrict a target
LEXEVS-540CTS2 REST EntityDescription

Entity Description Read and Query and features text matching with wild card, exact match, starts with and word starts with.

LEXEVS-539CTS2 REST CodeSystemVersionCatalogEntryCode System Version Read and Query with text matching on exact match, starts with, and contains.
LEXEVS-545CTS2 REST MapVersionCatalogEntry

Features Map Version Catalog Entry Read and Query with restrictions to/from code system and entity code system to/from

LEXEVS-543CTS2 REST ResolvedValueSet
Resolved Value Set Read and Query with restrictions on code system version and contained entity
LEXEVS-553LexEVS Loader Enhancement - HL7 MIF LoaderLexEVS now loads HL7 vocabularies into one coding scheme directly from the MIF files generated by each HL7 release, giving users access to more a more complete HL7 representation
LEXEVS-542CTS2 REST ValueSetDefinition

Value Set Definition Query, Read, and Resolve with restrictions on code system version and contained entity

LEXEVS-548LexEVS Performance Enhancement - Implement a persistance mechanism for resolved Value SetsThis implementation ameliorates the issue of resolving and returning large value sets by persisting value set resolutions locally
LEXEVS-549LexEVS Performance Enhancement - Performace Improvement of Hierarchy TraversalHierarchy convenience methods allow quick resolution of large shallow depth relationships.
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