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Author: Craig Stancl

Team: LexEVS
Contract: ST12-1106
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

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CBIIT or Stakeholder Organization


The purpose of this document is to collect, analyze, and define high-level needs and features of the National Cancer Institute Center for LexEVS Release 6.1. This document focuses on the functions proposed by the product stakeholders and target users in order to make it a better product. The use-case and supplementary specifications document will detail how the framework will fulfill these needs.

Vision and Needs

The objective of this release of the LexEVS API is to provide a CTS2 compliant REST API, Enhanced Performance and new loaders.

Functional Requirements

Each enhancement, modification or new feature is described in detail below.

Functional Bug Fixes

Each bug fix included in this release is described in detail below.

Non-Functional Requirements

This section describes in detail all the related requirements which must be met for this release but do not add functionality. These requirements are included in the scope and project plan due to level of effort or relative importance to the overall success of delivery of the release.

General Support Activities

This section describes in detail all the related activities which must be performed for this release but do not add functionality. These activities are included in the scope and project plan due to level of effort or relative importance to the overall success of delivery of the release.

JIRA number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of general support activity

(Approved or Proposed)



LexEVS Level 2 Support -  integration of help and training to the user community.



Stakeholder Summary

CBIIT Staff/Contractor Name




Craig Stancl

Mayo Clinic Technical Lead

Technical Direction and Implementation

Mandy Ager

Mayo Clinic Project Manager

Project schedule and task management


Out of Scope Items

Items that are out of scope were evaluated as part of the initial scoping activities for this release, and subsequently not included in the final approved scope. These items are also documented in the cumulative backlog of requirements found on the product GForge site. They include out-of-scope functional requirements (enhancements or new features), bug fixes, non-functional requirements, and general support activities.

JIRA number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of item moved from the in-scope section
with brief explanation added of why it was not included in this release

Iteration during which the item
was removed from in-scope

LEXEVS-505Case-insensitive concept code search support.Inception
LEXEVS-239OBO loaded data with roots that delcare disjointness do not display in hierarchyInception
LEXEVS-236OBO optional synonym type nameInception
LEXEVS-370Export the content of ResolvedValueSetDefinition to StringBuffer in LexGrid XML formatInception
LEXEVS-372Extensions should be able to add properties to existing conceptsInception
LEXEVS-369Add a label or description member variable to EntityDescription.Inception
LEXEVS-367Support retrieval of ValueSetDefinition by multiple coding schemes.Inception
LEXEVS-366Modify output parameter of the getCodingSchemesInValueSetDefinition method in LexEVSValueSetDefinitionServices.Inception
LEXEVS-368Support retrieval of ValueSetDefinition by multiple concept domains.Inception
LEXEVS-365Resolve nested value set definition through distributed Value Set API.Inception
LEXEVS-363Extend MappingExtension functionalities to support restrictions.Inception
LEXEVS-354Load source qualifiers for generic properties in NCI-META RRF loaderInception
LEXEVS-350Examine use of LexBIG entity statusInception
LEXEVS-531Build scripts do not have path for dataqaInception
LEXEVS-255Linux gui does not workInception
LEXEVS-233SNOMED Role Groups not loading from RRF filesInception
LEXEVS-227Lucene Max Clause Count exceeded on broad NCI MetaThesaurus RegExp RestrictionsInception
LEXEVS-371Make it easy to do retrieval of only active concepts in a terminology through the/ a serviceInception
LEXEVS-362Owl/rdf exporter limitationInception
LEXEVS-345Convert codes in entity description of anonymous class to names.Inception
LEXEVS-512LexEVSValueSetDefinitionServices.getCodedNodeSetForValueSetDefinition method can be extremely slow.Inception
LEXEVS-508Mapping concepts don't always have a suitable targetInception
LEXEVS-507Inefficient query when trying to filter Metathesaurus by Source.Inception
LEXEVS-496LexEVS api calls do not populate directionalName in the associationInception
LEXEVS-515Caching of value sets don't always workInception
LEXEVS-518Trying to load ICD10 results in errorInception
LEXEVS-516LexEVSValueSetDefinitionServices getValueSetDefinitionEntitiesForTerm fails on inactive coding schemes.Inception
LEXEVS-519Inconsistant package namingInception
LEXEVS-461Necessity to rebuild indexes after loadInception
LEXEVS-538Loader should support unicodeInception
LEXEVS-521Transition table hangs in UMLS loader on large vocabsInception
LEXEVS-244Unqueryable classes are registered by the grid serviceInception
LEXEVS-232The codedNodeGraph is not displaying the top nodes correctlyInception
LEXEVS-235PDQ load shows multiple LT : TRD properties in browserInception
LEXEVS-234RRF Snomed Loader not interpreting SNOMED status codes correctlyInception
LEXEVS-230The contains algorithm fails on search strings starting with a single character word such as 'a'.Inception
LEXEVS-442NCIt Loader preferences file with defaultsInception
LEXEVS-361Unregister coding scheme supplement through the LexBIG GUI application.Inception
LEXEVS-360Add a Boolean-Valued member variable applyToSubconcepts to EntityReference.Inception
LEXEVS-359Need an effective way of counting the size of a CNG.Inception
LEXEVS-356GUI should reflect administrative nomenclatureInception
LEXEVS-358Authoring Tool / Graphical User Interface (GUI)Inception
LEXEVS-353Need an option to exclude the focused node itself from ResolvedConceptReferenceList when resolving a CNG.Inception
LEXEVS-352Better validation on restrictionsInception
LEXEVS-347Control the setting of isActive via Loader preferencesInception
LEXEVS-348Ability to query for inferred data - implement ability to reasonInception
LEXEVS-344Enhance LexBIG query API to fetch AssociationData objects.Inception
LEXEVS-269Demonstrate cross ontology relationshipsInception
LEXEVS-264Validation of UTF-8 subsetInception
LEXEVS-250Duplicate alias "_value" when quering LexEVSDataServiceInception
LEXEVS-510Documentation location in the installerInception
LEXEVS-511UMLS meta loader script is in the wrong formatInception
LEXEVS-509Sorting in Mapping tab in Term Browser can lead to 500 errorsInception
LEXEVS-500Load Progress indicatorsInception
LEXEVS-517LexEVSAuthoringServiceImpl 'getEntity' restricts to types of 'concept'Inception
LEXEVS-469Attempted load of a MRMAP mapping failed with inscrutable errorInception
LEXEVS-482Ability to load metadata and mapping in one operationInception
LEXEVS-481Ability to load metadata and coding scheme in one operationInception
LEXEVS-475Enhancement to versioning of Mapping loadsInception
LEXEVS-480Better support for "Metathesaurus" data structures (e.g. accessing source hierarchies in NCI-META)Inception
LEXEVS-478Clean up GUI - functionality should match documentaion/presentationInception
LEXEVS-476Ability to load MRMAP without a MRSAT entryInception
LEXEVS-474Ability to add metadata to value set definitionsInception
LEXEVS-473Concept Sorting in Mappings when using local APIInception
LEXEVS-446UMLS loader should give an error if the SAB is not specifiedInception
LEXEVS-454OWL Export exhibits memory leak.Inception
LEXEVS-493Search SNOMEDCT for '<' using the contains algorithm returns no matches.Inception
LEXEVS-464The NCI OWL loader is loading the "type" property inconsistentlyInception
LEXEVS-463The NCI OWL loader is loading Metadata properties inconsistently.Inception
LEXEVS-462NCI OWL loader for LexBIG 6.0 is creating extraneous "label" property qualifiersInception
LEXEVS-460Enable use of ALT keys in LexEVS Developer GUIsInception
LEXEVS-459Batch Loader for LexEVS Value SetInception
LEXEVS-529ValueSetDefinition getDefinitionEntryCount() returns incorrect numberInception
LEXEVS-537JIRA task - Unable to assign issues to QA person, and not Ready For QA statusInception
LEXEVS-536The ResolvedConceptReferencesIterator numberRemaining method can be quite inaccurate.Inception
LEXEVS-535Term Browser "View In Hierarchy" function fails for ICD10 root nodesInception
LEXEVS-534Reduce error volume for hibernate issuesInception
LEXEVS-525Metathesaurus does not load completelyInception
LEXEVS-528Suppressable CUIs in RRF loaderInception
LEXEVS-223Anonymous class hierarchy with unions not showing up correctly.Inception
LEXEVS-341REST API FeaturesInception
LEXEVS-339MedDRA loading into LexEVSInception
LEXEVS-497Documentation IssueInception
LEXEVS-502Spelling error in loaderInception

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