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LexEVS Release Notes
November  2015

Product Changes

BUG: lbGUI provides drop down lists for a variety of content loading convenience.  These content loading aides typically require a conventional coding scheme.  Since resolve value sets are coding schemes under the covers, these also appear in the drop down lists.  The number of these value sets loaded by some users creates a long list that is unusable under some circumstances.  This snapshot removes the resolved value sets from the list.

BUG The OBI source is written in OWL2 format.  It features Axioms that contain references to property annotations also defined in the source.  When these property annotations are defined as owl literals they were being loaded properly.  However most of the annotations were defined as simple IRI's and were not being properly loaded.  This fix corrects that issue and provides test source and Unit tests to track for regression errors.


BUG Miscellaneous MRMAP loader issue

BUG Provide local references or options to refer to local references to schema's for all hard coded schema locations that point to in runtime and build options.








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