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Author: Craig Stancl, Scott Bauer, Cory Endle
Team: LexEVS
Contract: S13-500 MOD4
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

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The purpose of this document is to document the operational readiness review package for the National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (NCI CBIIT) LexEVS Release 6.4.

Operational Readiness Review Package

Design DocumentLexEVS 6.4 Software Design Document
Design Review PackageLexEVS 6.4 Design Review Package
Information Systems Security Plan (ISSP)LexEVS 6.4 Information Systems Security Plan (ISSP)
Issue Tracking ListLexEVS 6.4 Issue Tracking List
Software CodebaseLexEVS 6.4 Software Codebase
Software Design DocumentLexEVS 6.4 Software Design Document
Updated DocumentationLexEVS 6.3 and 6.4 Updated Documentation



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