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LexEVS 6.4.1 was released in October, 2016.

Full details are available on the LexEVS 6.4.1 page.

LexEVS 6.4.1 features include:

  • LexEVS Lucene upgrade
  • LexEVS Loader Enhancements
  • LexEVS services enabled to run over HTTPs.
  • Admin script updates
  • Resolved Defects

LexEVS 6.4.1 provides an upgrade to Lucene, the underlying search engine, additional OWL2, HL7 and other loader enhancements, ability to run services over HTTPS, and updates to existing admin scripts.

Additional Functionality

Also included in this package:

  • Backwards compatibility with LexEVS CTS2 6.3 APIs.
  • Bug fixes.
  • The LexEVS Release Notes page gives more information on fixes, enhancements, and known issues.
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