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LexEVS 6.5.2 Release Highlights Include:


  • This release includes all LexEVS 6.5.1, and and changes.
  • MySQL was updated as part of the fix for this issue: LEXEVS-3613 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • In order to allow for larger indexes, the Barracuda file format needed to be enabled. It was previously set to Antelope. There were three configuration parameters that needed to be updated/added to the my.cnf file.  They are:
      • innodb_file_format=Barracuda
      • innodb_file_per_table=true
      • innodb_large_prefix=true
    • This MySQL update will need to be implemented as part of this release. 
    • Terminologies should be reloaded after this DB update.

Features of this Release

Issues Fixed in this Release

  • Numerous fixes were included.   

LexEVS 6.5.2 - Features Implemented


Update MySQL configuration for larger indexes

LEXEVS-3613Loader: Truncated role qualifiers in Ontology for Biobanking
LEXEVS-3838Loader: Add Authority qualifier to RRF Loads
LEXEVS-4093API: I want to search only descendants of a concept or concepts
LEXEVS-4143API: I want to search only ascendants of a concept or concepts
LEXEVS-4115Add extended function to domain specific convenience method
LEXEVS-4240API: Improve the efficiency of retrieving mapping data from a mapping coding scheme.
LEXEVS-4155Loader: I would like anything output to console during loads to be written to LexBIG_load_log.txt
LEXEVS-4345API : Add call to get asserted value set by name

New bulk value set retrieval needs to be able to use value set name as param

LexEVS 6.5.2 - Defects Fixed


API: LexEVS will relax rules preventing some assserted valueset nodes from being attached to parents

LEXEVS-3994API: LexEVS allow some assserted valueset nodes to be duplicated
LEXEVS-4178Possible CodedNodeSet restrictToProperties method failure on metathesaurus source MED-RT
LEXEVS-4244Loader: Coding scheme and namespace do not match up for NCIt generated VS definitions
LEXEVS-4279lbGUI fails on MRMAP Load

API: ValueSetHiearchyValues config remain the same after any user query

LEXEVS-4376Loader: Update Loader or API for bulk loader source/maprank conflict

LexEVS Remote API 6.5.2 - Features Implemented


LexEVS Remote API 6.5.2 - Defects Fixed

LEXEVS-3905Remote API: Inconsistent value set URIs are returned by different API methods.

LexEVS Remote Client 6.5.2 - Features Implemented


LexEVS Remote Client 6.5.2 - Defects Fixed 


LexEVS CTS2 Service 1.6.2 - Features Implemented

LEXEVSCTS2-337Implement fix for performance issues retrieving resolved valuesets

LexEVS CTS2 Service 1.6.2 - Defects Fixed  

LEXEVSCTS2-318Service needs account for asserted VS when resolving VS

LexEVS CTS2 Framework 1.4.0 - Features Implemented (3)


LexEVS CTS2 Framework 1.4.0 - Defects Fixed


URI Resolver 1.1.1 - Features Implemented 

URIRESOLV-40Update URI_Resolver database
URIRESOLV-33Upgrade Spring Framework versions

Update maven-surefire-plugin

URI Resolver 1.1.1 - Defects Fixed  


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