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LexEVS 6.5.3 Release Highlights Include:


  • API updates/additions
  • Loader enhancements
  • Defect resolution.
  • This release includes all LexEVS 6.5.2 changes.

Issues Fixed in this Release

  • Numerous fixes were included.   

LexEVS 6.5.3 - Features Implemented

LEXEVS-4345API : Add call to get asserted value set by name
LEXEVS-3947Loader: Implement supported qualifier for authority qualifier load
LEXEVS-2707API: Need option to set MAX_CHILDREN in the TreeService getTree method.
LEXEVS-3732API: API method to display the version of LexEVS installed.


API: Need a convenience method for returning a HashMap with value set URI as the Key and ValueSetDefinition as the value.
LEXEVS-4143API: I want to search only ascendants of a concept or concepts
LEXEVS-4552The Asserted Value Set Hierarchy needs to update sorting mechanism
LEXEVS-4444Tree Extension: Support for enforced single hierarchy tree resolution
LEXEVS-4392Update our OWL2 jars to the latest versions
LEXEVS-4393Loader: Remove ehcache warning/error log messages
LEXEVS-4391Loader: Remove SLF4J log messages from the logs
LEXEVS-4390Loader: Remove log4j log messages from the logs
LEXEVS-2460Loader: Remove strange WARNings during loads
LEXEVS-3627API: Need a convenience method for categorizing coding schemes by type.

LexEVS 6.5.3 - Defects Fixed

LEXEVS-4607LoadOWL2 has issues with numerical codes
LEXEVS-4535Restricting hierarchy implementation for Tree Extension Part 2
LEXEVS-4508Hierarchy API fails when resolving empty or poorly referenced hierarchies
LEXEVS-4056Loader: Asserted Value Set to Value Set Definition Loader does not properly load Supported CodingSchemes
LEXEVS-3465API: Mapping Extension Iterator number remaining function fails
LEXEVS-3464Loader: Sources for Properties are not loaded for Meta Thesaurus
LEXEVS-4615Code Retirement check fails against an established test
LEXEVS-4616isReverseName points at an Association no longer defining a reverse value
LEXEVS-4634Default Hierarchy Data processing method now fails when run against the default terminology

LexEVS Remote API 6.5.3 - Features Implemented

LEXEVSREM-397Updating Tests to reflect current code base, changes in source
LEXEVSREM-359Adding a new method to the LexEVSAPI for a convenience method

LexEVS Remote API 6.5.3 - Defects Fixed

LEXEVSREM-392Mapping Extension Test Fails on isMapping error
LEXEVSREM-367Distributed API support for Mapping Extension Iterator issue
LEXEVSREM-398Add test for getting NCIt asserted value sets throught the initi() method

LexEVS Remote Client 6.5.3 - Features Implemented


LexEVS Remote Client 6.5.3 - Defects Fixed 


LexEVS CTS2 Service 1.6.3 - Features Implemented

LEXEVSCTS2-348API: Add API method stub for the LexEVS version
LEXEVSCTS2-369Updating LexEVS Stub class to comply with LexEVS api updates

LexEVS CTS2 Service 1.6.3 - Defects Fixed  

LEXEVSCTS2-359getSourceAssertedValueSetforDescription() does not always return the correct valueset

LexEVS CTS2 Framework 1.3.7 - Features Implemented

CTS2FW-129Update QueryService to add parameter to getResourceSummaries()

LexEVS CTS2 Framework 1.3.7 - Defects Fixed


URI Resolver 1.1.1 - Features Implemented 


URI Resolver 1.1.1 - Defects Fixed  


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