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This guide is intended for the LexEVS developer. It provides information about the loaders provided, mapping, and how to create your own loaders using the loader framework or the BaseLoader and Loader interfaces.

LexEVS Loader Guide Sections

  • Included Loaders
    This section lists the loaders in LexEVS 6.x and includes a brief description. You can also create your own loaders using the Loader Framework extension.
  • Loader Model Elements Mapping
    This section describes the mapping of source content into the LexEVS Information Model for the loaders.
  • Loader Framework (Batch Load)
    This section describes the detailed design and implementation of the Loader Framework Extension which allows larger loads to be managed without an overly large memory footprint.
  • Loader Construction (In Memory)
    This section describes use of the In-Memory load interfaces.


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  • Installation Guide for information about software requirements and configuring your environment
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