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The Asserted Value Set Search is an extension of the LexEVS API. It provides extended options value set searches

  • Text Match
  • Search Algorithm Choices
  • Coding Scheme Restrictions for both original source and target value set
  • Boolean flags for anonymous or active designations on the entity


SourceAssertedValueSetSearchExtension Class Diagram

LexEVS Asserted Value Set Search  API

LexEVS Asserted Value Set Search Services provides search methods with a variety of inputs

  • Text to Match: unique identifier, presentation, or property value.
  • Algorithm for Match: exact match, contains, lucene query parser type search
  • Coding Scheme Reference: reference to source scheme(s)
  • Coding Scheme Reference: reference to coding scheme representation of a value set
  • Boolean: includes anonymous nodes
  • Boolean: includes inactive nodes


Asserted Value Set Search





Lists matching concept reference based on property or presentation text or other matching criteria


String textMatch: Matching text for presentation, property or unique identifier (code)

Set<CodingSchemeReference> (optional): Coding scheme representation of asserted value set reference

Set<CodingSchemeReference> (not implemented): Resolved Value Sets to Include in search, currently can be included in the asserted group

MatchAlgorithm value: Generally exact or contains matches on text from property, presentation, or code

boolean isAnonymous (optional): Anonymous is normally excluded set to true if you want these included

boolean isActive (optional): Inactive entities are normally excluded but can be flagged for inclusion


ResolvedConceptRefenerencesIterator:  Iterator over ResolvedConceptRefernences retrieved from the value set



Implementation Details:

Call this method on the on the search extension to query indexes of asserted value sets
Sample Call:

  • Step 1: Instantiate SourceAssertedValueSetSearchExtension if it is not done yet:

        LexBIGService lbsvc;
        SourceAssertedValueSetSearchExtensionImpl assertedVSsvc;
        lbsvc = LexBIGServiceImpl.defaultInstance();
        assertedVSsvc = (SourceAssertedValueSetSearchExtensionImpl) lbsvc
  • Step 2: List all the coding scheme representations of the value sets

    //Instantiate a relevant value set coding scheme reference
    Set<CodingSchemeReference> refs = new HashSet<CodingSchemeReference>();
    CodingSchemeReference r = new CodingSchemeReference();
    //Resolve a set of results as an iterator
    ResolvedConceptReferencesIterator itr = assertedVSsvc.
         search("red", refs, null,
          MatchAlgorithm.PROPERTY_EXACT, false, false);



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