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Wright, Larry NIH/NCI  x
Fragoso, Gilberto NIH/NCI    x

De Coronado, Sherri    


Safran, Tracy

Ong, Kim L
Lucas, Jason R
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Peterson, Kevin
Stancl, Craig
Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCIx
Brem, Larry  NIH/NCI [C]  x
Pan, JJ
Tran, Tin    NIH/NCI [C] x
Kanjamala, Pradip  Mayo x
Ahmed, Shamim
NIH/NC [C]  
Haber, Margaret (NIH/NCI) 
Roth, Laura (NIH/NLM)  
Ramani, Vivek (NIH/NCI) [C]  
Carlsen, Brian (NIH/NCI) [C] 
Wong, Joanne  x

Kuntipuram, Kumar



Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
33PradipLog into loader server to find out what is wrong with the script parameters. Not able to assign TAG.  Remove still not working.   done
36CraigFollow up on demo of MIF value sets when Harold returns   done
39KevinDemo of REST service exposed in Mayo value set browser   deferred
40Kevin/ScottProvide development resource specifications (bmidev4) processors, memory etc. to Jason   done
41CraigSet up a meeting with Scott, Gilberto and Larry to deal with the specializes/valueset issues   done
42ScottContact Sarah about what is needed for the proxying of the Mayo Nexus Server   done
43KimCreate Jira items for additional materials to be loaded to MedDRA and the updates to the contain search tokenizing function   done
44Pradip/GilbertoDiscuss the current OWL2 Loader issues   done
45ScottCheck on the status of the URI Resolver build and deployment (Has it been tried yet)   done
46Scott/KevinBranch current lexevs repository(s) to 6.1   open
47KumarPut in an appscan request for QA   open
48MayoCheck for valid install of the lexevs-service   open
49Scott/PradipPush out a new lbRuntime.jar with loader updates   open
50Kim/KevinProvide information to Tin for testing some of the new features   open
51PradipTo contact Tracy for jboss update credentials   open
52KevinCorrect the Security jar mismatch in the remote api   open


Area of InterestDetails
Lantana interest in LexEVS 6.1. (Kevin, Craig)Discussion with Lantana about a CTS2 implementation using LexEVS 6.1. 
maven build status update.  (Scott)Worked through repository and tech stack restrictions to move the lexevs-service to a successful deployment. (Mayo to check the lexevs-service for valid install.) Still waiting to get the URI Resolver build tested.
Update on MedDRA  (Scott, NCI as needed)MedDRA loader is complete.  MRCONSO extract is recommended to UMLS_CUI load. (Scott or Pradip to push out new runtime jar.)
OWL2 Loader changers (Pradip, Gilberto)Annotations and Axioms are implemented and have been committed.  Outstanding are a couple of other JIRA items for this. (Scott or Pradip to push out a new runtime jar.)
6.1 QA and DeploymentSearch Functions, Sort Order, Tokenizing would have been in the latest.  Kim, Kevin to provide the information for testing.
Integration of NCI CTS2 services into existing widgets and toolingWidgets and tooling will be available to point to the the REST interface once the REST service is in production.
Association Data (Gilberto, Pradip)The owl loader captures entity to data relations, but not available to LexEVS service.  (To be considered for the next iteration of LexEVS).  Between some concept and some kind of literal
5.1 and 6.0 MedDRA patchHigh level vulnerability detected, denial of service may be a threat.   SQL injection a potential threat.  Just an FYI for now. 
JIRA #581  Export of Value Set Resolution failsRemote API bug found during regression test.  Pradip to contact Tracy to get credentials for jboss to update 6.1.
Query by Example JUnits FailingMayo is going to work through all the JUnits by the end of the week.  MedDRA security jar seems to be out of date.  Kevin to correct the security jar. 
Project scheduleA number of estimates have pushed some dates out through October.  Not necessarily planned dates. 



JIRA Issues

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Project Plan Changes

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 Planned Activities

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