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Wright, Larry NIH/NCI  x
Fragoso, Gilberto NIH/NCI    x

De Coronado, Sherri    


Safran, Tracy

Ong, Kim L
Lucas, Jason R
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig
Endle,  CoryMayox
Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCIx
Pan, JJ
Tran, Tin    NIH/NCI [C] x
Ahmed, Shamim
NIH/NC [C]  
Haber, Margaret (NIH/NCI) 
Roth, Laura (NIH/NLM)  
Ramani, Vivek (NIH/NCI) [C]  
Carlsen, Brian (NIH/NCI) [C] 
Wong, Joanne   

Kuntipuram, Kumar



Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
64ScottTo follow up on URI's on OWL2 with Harold.   on hold
136ScottPoint the CTS2 API page to PROD (wiki) - originally planned on Stage, but now planning on PROD.   done

Provide an email update to NCBO, NLM, and Mayo with current activities and what has been built.



155KumarVerify that funds can be extended through Oct.2014.04.30  open

Scott to work with Gilberto to determine what is needed for OWL 2 requirements




Include the value set and namespace tacks back into plan (in case we do have time or extension)

2014.04.30  open

Jason to send note to Michael and Jacob (include Scott) to understand what the work around is for Struts

2014.04.30  done
159Tracy/Scott Tracy/Scott to provide example  for UMLS problem and send that on to Alameda team. 2014.04.30  open
161CoryAdd service information to include links (rest calls).2014.04.30  done

Jason has dependencies so Craig to work with Jason on plans and will update and send out to the group.

2014.04.30  open
164CoryCory to add implementation to CTS2 implementations page.2014.04.30  open
165ScottDetermine default sorting algorithm for Tracy.2014.05.14  open
166CraigSend out project plan.2014.05.14  open
167ScottCreate Jira item for struts removal in 6.22014.05.14  open
168CraigAdd Struts Jira item to plan.2014.05.14  open
169LarryMake the request to Eric for the hardware (will send updated ARC).2014.05.14  


170ScottUpdate the ARC dates to include range of dates for each tier.2014.05.14  open
171TracyDetermine what IE Version to be supported for the VS Client2014.05.14  open
172CraigDetermine UI issue prioritization.2014.05.14  open


Immediate Priorities and Problems (Mayo Team)


MySQL 5.5 update, Caching problem on CTS2 service, ARC Meeting tasks, Monthly Status, Sorting Algorithm investigation.

  • Evaluated caching of value sets in the CTS2 service.
    • Determined this is happening once resolved value sets are updated - but the cache is not acting correctly.
    • Kevin indicated that the service should be restarted once the resolved value set are updated. 
    • Captured in Jira and will need to prioritize.   We could update the code to poll for updates. 
    • When value sets are updated, they are assigned a version number.   Each time a resolved value set is updated, a new version number is assigned. The caching code does not work correctly.  This caching code is part of the CTS2 LexEVS service code. 
    • Currently, the services at NCI are being restarted - so these issues aren't being surfaced on NCI services.  
    • Short term, we can restart the service on updates.  (communicated to Mayo by NCI)  
  • MySQL Upgrade
    • Local set up on Windows machine.
    • JUnits need a bit different timing, but most are passing.
    • One Junit needed change due to DAO layer.  (need to consider 5.1 compatibility)
    • Not moving 5.1 or 6.0 to new environment. **
    • Roughly 14 more issues to resolve. 
  • Sort Algorithms
    • Tracy requested a list of sorts (codes, rankings, etc).
    • TODO:  Scott to look at the default sort algorithm.
  • ARC Meeting
    • Discussed what was needed for data loads.
  • Monthly Status Report
    • submitted on May 9

Cory:  CTS2 Client UI

  • Addressed, reviewed and logged issues from Larry and Sherri.
  • Java 1.7
    • Starting to prep to get started on testing.

Craig: Project Plan Updates, ARC meeting, Montlhy Financial Report

  • Included VS and URI tasks for further inclusion
  • Financial report indicates that we should have funds to go through September, but not into October.
  • TODO:  Send out project plan.



Struts update, now
  • LexEVS tools not on the list.
  • No further action is needed. 
  • Would prefer to get rid of Struts in 6.2.  Need to add this to Jira and the plan.
  • TODO:  Create Jira item
  • TODO:  Add Jira item to plan.
caDSR and Value Set and other URIs (Weekly Status)
  • Denise and Sherri to get a demo set up in June - as per Harold.
UMLS Mapping Files
  • Strategy for Tracy to move forward.
  • MRMAP separated into 3 MRMAP files - 1 for each vocabulary.
  • Will load all 3 to see if she can query (not in the GUI) - will use the API.

ARC Meeting
  • Hardware discussion was on Monday with Larry, Tracy, Scott, Cory, Craig.  
  • Updated hardware requirements for Load server. 
  • Updated to request dedicated Blade Servers on all tiers.
  • TODO:  Larry to make the request to Eric for the hardware (will send updated ARC).
  • Dev tier - provision of current environment and then Shady Grove hardware.   ARC has last possible dates for deployment.  Would like to update with range of dates - earliest and latest. (We will update all tiers).
  • TODO:  Scott to update the dates. 
Caching issue in LexEVS CTS2See notes above.  
Value Set Viewer Item prioritization
  • Any IE related issues will be put on hold until official version can be identified by NCI.
  • Will prioritize and complete what we can - not to interfere with the Tech stack upgrades. 
  • TODO:  Tracy to determine supported IE version for VS Client.
  • TODO:  Prioritize items to be completed.





JIRA Issues

LEXEVS-570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-573 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-579 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-594 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-597 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-598 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-599 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-605 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-606 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-607 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-608 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-609 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-612 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-613 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-615 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-616 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-617 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-618 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-619 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-620 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-621 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-622 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-623 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVSCTS2-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVSCTS2-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Project Plan Changes

#DescriptionDue DateResourcesNotesRisksMitigation

 Planned Activities

Area of InterestDetails
VSMC definitionNeed a dialog defining module use around ResolvedValueSets
Update LexEVS CTS2 Service to CTS2 1.1Need deployment tests
Work on a variety of EVS JIRA PrioritiesScripting, convenience methods, tree extension namespace issues

Risks, Issues, Dependencies


Opened DateDue DateDescriptionLikelihood (H, M, L)ImpactAssignedStatusMitigation Strategy


 #Opened DateDescriptionImpactAssignedStatus


Opened DateDescriptionAssigned





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