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Action Items

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CoryAdd link to Maven Opts for end users2016.12.21  



Sprint Status


Current Sprint  Sprint 54 (April 13, 2017 – April 26, 2017)

16X237 Agile Development - Sprint Status#16X237AgileDevelopment-SprintStatus-Sprint54

DEV Blade - Update to 6.5.0 RC 1
  • Testing update
  • Install LexEVS admin
  • Moving up the tiers
  • URI Resolver (Java 1.8)
  • CTS2 Deployment ticket for Dev

Discussion Points:

  • Rob tested loaders for, not 6.5.0
  • Kim reported that the browser is running fine against 6.5.
  • Cory created a PTE for URI Resolver for 6.5.0
  • Cory created a ticket for Jacob to install URI Resolver on Dev blade server.
  • Tracy suggested that the DBs on the tiers should be seeded with the PROD data.
  • We agreed that testing on DEV should be complete by end of this sprint.
  • Cory will rebuild with the 6.5.0.FINAL tag when testing is complete for the QA tier.
  • We discussed LexEVS admin install (local loader environment) and if we should create a PTE for this.
    • Tracy/Rob agreed.  
  • LexEVS 6.5 will be on the new blade and LexEVS 6.4 will be on the old blade running in parallel on STAGE and PROD.

Decision Points:

  • Cory to create ticket to deploy CTS2 on DEV blade.
  • Cory to create a PTE for installing LexEVS admin.

Value Set Architecture Discussion

Discussion Points: 

  • Working on scheduling a meeting to include everyone to attend.
  • We looked quickly at the value set requirements

Decision Points: 

Tree Extensions in 6.5

  • Testing/Validation

Discussion Points:

  • Kim mentioned that he verified the tree extension issues that were fixed.

Decision Points: 

Docker - Next Steps Discussion

  • Update from recent meeting

Discussion Points:

  • Jacob mentioned that he has the server configured. He is working on setting up Docker.
  • Phil/Wei are looking into setting up Jenkins and running the Docker script in a master/slave setup in Jenkins.

Decision Points:

Triple Store Hierarchy Discussion

Discussion Points:

  • Scott was wondering if Gilberto was interested in the graph db in Stardog.
  • Gilberto suggested that the graph db and the triple store are the same.  It's just a matter of they refer to it.

Decision Points: Migration

Discussion Points:

  •  We will migrate to github.  This will be seamless to the end user.
  • We will work on this over the next sprint.

Decision Points:

LexEVS External Users

Discussion Points:

  • None

Decision Points:

Team Absences

Mayo Team

  • Cory
    • April 28
  • Scott
    • April 28 - May 3
  • Craig


  • Tracy
  • Rob
  • Kim

JIRA Issues

Recent LexEVS Related Bugs and Features (within last week)

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6.4 LexEVS Related Issues

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6.4 CTS2 Service Related Issues

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