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Fragoso, Gilberto NIH/NCI     

De Coronado, Sherri    


Safran, Tracy

Ong, Kim L
Lucas, Jason R
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig
Endle,  CoryMayox
Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCIx
Pan, JJ
Tran, Tin    NIH/NCI [C] x
Ahmed, Shamim
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Haber, Margaret (NIH/NCI) 
Roth, Laura (NIH/NLM)  
Ramani, Vivek (NIH/NCI) [C]  
Carlsen, Brian (NIH/NCI) [C] 
Wong, Joanne   

Kuntipuram, Kumar



Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
64ScottTo follow up on URI's on OWL2 with Harold.   on hold

Provide an email update to NCBO, NLM, and Mayo with current activities and what has been built.



155KumarVerify that funds can be extended through Oct.2014.04.30  open

Scott to work with Gilberto to determine what is needed for OWL 2 requirements




Include the value set and namespace tacks back into plan (in case we do have time or extension)

2014.04.30  done
159Tracy/Scott Tracy/Scott to provide example  for UMLS problem and send that on to Alameda team. 2014.04.30  done

Jason has dependencies so Craig to work with Jason on plans and will update and send out to the group.

2014.04.30  done
164CoryCory to add implementation to CTS2 implementations page.2014.04.30  open
165ScottDetermine default sorting algorithm for Tracy.2014.05.14  done
166CraigSend out project plan.2014.05.14  done
167ScottCreate Jira item for struts removal in 6.22014.05.14  done
168CraigAdd Struts Jira item to plan.2014.05.14  done
169LarryMake the request to Eric for the hardware (will send updated ARC).2014.05.14  


170ScottUpdate the ARC dates to include range of dates for each tier.2014.05.14  open
171TracyDetermine what IE Version to be supported for the VS Client2014.05.14  open
172CraigDetermine UI issue prioritization.2014.05.14  done
173CraigAdd OWL2 Loader JIRA items to project plan in loader development section2014.05.21  


174ScottCreate Jira item for use of manifest in UMLS Loader.2014.05.21  open
175CraigEmail VS Client Issue prioritization to group for review.2014.05.21  open
176CoryUpdate UI header with suggested changes.2014.05.21  


177ScottFollow up with Tracy Troung about the Site Scape usage.2014.05.21  open
178LarrySend sorting related email from Kevin2014.05.21  open
179CoryCreate Jira regarding IE 11 usage within NCI2014.05.21  




Immediate Priorities and Problems (Mayo Team)


MySQL 5.5 update, Stage Crash, Default Sort

  • MySQL updates
    • running Junits to confirm upgrade.
    • There are some junits that are causing issues - one is causing locking of the database.   This specific case is against the pre-CTS2 API.
  • Stage Crash
    • In the logs, Scott noticed that a user might be using the old caCORE API.  After crash - on restart, the server started responding again.
    • Scott will look at the logs a bit closer from site scope. 
  • Default Sort
    • Sort is based on scoring algorithm
    • Nothing needs to be fixed, but need to understand how it is sorted and also how to find other sort algorithms. 
    • From LexBIGService can get a list of the sort extensions.  (Scott to send code)
    • There was an email thread with Kevin (Larry to forward to Scott)

Cory:  CTS2 Client UI, Java 1.7

  • CTS2 Client UI
    • Feedback received from Sherri and Tracy
    • Updates made to the UI (note sent yesterday)
    • IE 11 still has issues with client rendering. (create JIRA)
    • Update header so that service details in gray area and the search is below gray area on the left (possibly centered). 
  • Java 1.7
    • Version 1.7 update 55
    • Version 1.7 update 45 - is current at NCI
    • Only requirement is Java 1.7, so the update 55 is okay unless there are NCI guidelines (none currentl)

Craig: Project Plan Updates

  • Add OWL2 loader Jira items.
  • Update ARC document with dates as they correlate to Tech Stack updates complete.



caDSR and Value Set and other URIs (Weekly Status)
  • Denise and Sherri to get a demo set up in June – Harold to be included.
  • No updates.
UMLS Mapping Files
  • Alameda group is already reviewing the data for Tracy.
  • 2 different maps are causing the issue. 
  • Not seen as a source issue.  
  • JIRA item to query on the URI (true identifier) was created by Tracy.
  • Would like to have the manifest be used (currently it does not) - needs to be a feature request.   Scott to create Jira item. 

  • Update from Larry
    • progress being made - Eric and others understand what is being requested. 
    • Considering an 800GB drive.
      • Need to look at where logs could be stored.  If on SSD, it would cause additional read/writes.
  • Noted slow load time over network for MySQL 5.5 (Scott)
    • Something to keep in mind as we move forward. 
    • Loading to happen local to the DB would be optimal, but may not be practical in the environment. 
  • Clarify ARC Deployment Tasks
    • Craig and Scott to update the ARC dates. 
Value Set Viewer Item prioritization
  • Ran out of time for discussion.
  • Craig to send list of JIRA items for the team to review.  
MetaBrowser issue (Kim)resolved  
Stage Crashessee above  
Value Set Resolution issue CTS2 JIRA #21
  • Reported by Sherri that value set wasn't resolving correctly.
  • Discovered that previous issue (truncating value set names to 50 chars) is causing this issue in the CTS2 Services.   We aren't resolving to the shortened version of the name. 




JIRA Issues

LEXEVS-570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-573 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-579 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-594 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-597 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-598 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-599 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-605 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-606 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-607 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-608 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-609 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-612 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-613 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-615 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-616 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-617 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-618 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-619 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-620 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-621 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-622 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-623 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVSCTS2-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVSCTS2-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Project Plan Changes

#DescriptionDue DateResourcesNotesRisksMitigation

 Planned Activities

Area of InterestDetails
VSMC definitionNeed a dialog defining module use around ResolvedValueSets
Update LexEVS CTS2 Service to CTS2 1.1Need deployment tests
Work on a variety of EVS JIRA PrioritiesScripting, convenience methods, tree extension namespace issues

Risks, Issues, Dependencies


Opened DateDue DateDescriptionLikelihood (H, M, L)ImpactAssignedStatusMitigation Strategy


 #Opened DateDescriptionImpactAssignedStatus


Opened DateDescriptionAssigned





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