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Wright, Larry NIH/NCI  x
Fragoso, Gilberto NIH/NCI    x

De Coronado, Sherri    


Safran, Tracy

Ong, Kim L
Lucas, Jason R
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Peterson, Kevin
Stancl, Craig
Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCIx
Brem, Larry  NIH/NCI [C]   
Pan, JJ
Tran, Tin    NIH/NCI [C] x
Ahmed, Shamim
NIH/NC [C] x
Haber, Margaret (NIH/NCI) 
Roth, Laura (NIH/NLM)  
Ramani, Vivek (NIH/NCI) [C]  
Carlsen, Brian (NIH/NCI) [C] 
Wong, Joanne   

Kuntipuram, Kumar



Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
39ScottDemo of REST service exposed in Mayo value set browser   open
54TracyWill try the NCI Thesaurus again. Check with DBA if necessary.  To follow up with Scott if this continues to load slowly.    open
62Kevin/ScottTo coordinate getting content from third party for wiki update   open
63KevinInitiate discussion for Mayo on JIRA item #585   open
64KevinTo follow up on URI's on OWL2 with Harold.   open
65TracyStart a dialogue with Joanne Wong regarding the accuracy of the MedDRA load   open
66TracyAttempt Thesaurus Export again   open
67ScottResolve URI_Resolver issues with Stephen Reilly.    open
68Kim/TinDeploy lexevs-service (CTS2 REST Service) to QA   open
69ScottCheck on access at SFTP site   done
70ScottFollow up on JIRA  #585   open
71ScottDiscuss documentation issues with Craig – visibility of user documentation and create a quick start example for CTS2   open


Area of InterestDetails
Loader Evaluation statusMedDRA.   Data load looks like it's properly assigning active and inactive.  Will ask Joanne Wong  to look at this (Tracy)
6.1 QA and Deployment (Scott)URI_Resolver has database connection issues.  Will attempt to resolve with Stephen Reilly. (Scott)  Issues on QA with on the lexevs-service are being resolved by Kim and Tin
JIRA #492 (Scott)XML Exporter update.   Tracy to attempt to export again.
Release artifacts (Gilberto)Where will these artifacts be kept (formerly uploaded to Gforge). Gilberto waiting for a reply from the support about the SFTP site.  Nearly ready to go live. (Scott to check and see if he has access)
Thesaurus load time (Scott)Tracy to attempt load again.  Will check with the DBA on MySQL settings
JIRA #585Question open on the '?' search for contains. Mayo will discuss and respond with analysis of implementation.  (Kevin/Scott)
Govt Shutdown Actiities

Update Documentation - Scott

    ◦    Base URL
    ◦    Install Options page (need final deployment)
    •    Prepare for LexEVS development (Complete) - Cory
    •    Tracy problem with XML exporter (Jira 492  LEXEVS-492 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) - Scott/Cory
    •    MIF loader issues (identified by Tracy and Gilberto) - Scott
    ◦    Need to create Jira items to capture the loader issues.  
    •    JIRA cleanup and prioritization (100 issues) - Scott, Craig, Cory
    •    JIRA 6.1 cleanup - Craig
Face to Face plans (Craig if available) 
CTS2 reference implementationBrowser implementation would be foremost in the new functionality.
Issue for KimKim to provide details and forward email he sent to Kevin.
DocumentationSend Links to Sherry (Discuss the visibility of current documentation based on Google Search) Scott
CTS2 REST functionality documentationSee if this can be made highly visible.  Give some key examples.  add to project schedule.



JIRA Issues

LEXEVS-570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-572 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-573 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-574 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-576 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-579 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-583 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-584 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-585 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-587 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-588 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LEXEVS-589 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Project Plan Changes

#DescriptionDue DateResourcesNotesRisksMitigation

 Planned Activities

Area of InterestDetails
List of Issues, adjustmentsLoaders and smaller issues

Risks, Issues, Dependencies


Opened DateDue DateDescriptionLikelihood (H, M, L)ImpactAssignedStatusMitigation Strategy
110/10/2013 ShutdownH    


 #Opened DateDescriptionImpactAssignedStatus


Opened DateDescriptionAssigned





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