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Remennik, LyubovNIH/NCI x
De Coronado, Sherri   NIH/NCI

Safran, Tracy

Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCI [C] 
Ong, Kim L ISx
Lucas, Jason R ISx
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig
Endle,  CoryMayo




Overview (Scott)

Discussion Points:

  • Scott presented an overview of micro-services and then had a quick demo.
  • Sherri asked what is needed to approach micro-services.
    • We discussed the following considerations:
      • Engagement of developers, management, users.
      • Architecture team
      • User requirements
      • Review of existing services
  • A good example of an existing micro-service is URI resolver.
  • We discussed CTS2 and Tracy mentioned there are several deficiencies with it.  If CTS2 was further developed, there would be more usage by users.
  • Sherri and Tracy suggested that we need the make the CTS2 API easier to use to get more users to use.
  • Tracy mentioned that the LexEVS API is legacy and the users don't like to use because they need to download the new jars every release.
  • Jason asked if we could prototype a service to search the metathesaurus index.
  • Our current users
    • Browser
    • caDSR

Decision Points:

REST Example
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