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Mensah, Jacob

Hartman, Phil 
Wei, Lu
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig

Endle,  Cory




Discuss next steps after NCI Docker server is configured.

  • Who is configuring Docker to run our LexEVS system tests?
    • What do they need from the Mayo team?
  • Who is configuring Jenkins to run the above Docker scripts?
    • What do they need from the Mayo team?
  • Are there other tasks that can be done at this time?
Discussion Points:
  • Docker server VM (2 CPU, 4 GB RAM) created and configured.
    • Wei suggested increasing memory to 8GB.
  • Next set up script as it is at Mayo
  • Wei suggested to use a Jenkins slave to checkout out system test and run the
    • This will need access to the the local file system to gather all test results.
  • Phil suggested setting up a new instance of Jenkins that runs CentOS 7
    • Jenkins will be installed/configured next week.
    • Wei suggested running the script on an existing Jenkins server while Phil sets the new instance up.  This testing can be done now.
  • Phil/Wei will run Docker script outside of Jenkins when the server is configured (end of this week).

Decision Points:

  • Look into building images (separating them out) in the Docker script
  • Cory to send script to team and git repository.
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