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Mensah, Jacob

Hartman, Phil 
Wei, Lu
Bauer, Scott  Mayo 
Stancl, Craig

Endle,  Cory




Status Update

  • Mayo team
Discussion Points:
  • Mayo email addresses have been added to the notifications.
  • The configuration is working as expected.
  • The issue where containers weren't being removed was fixed by manually removing the containers. This can be added to the script to prevent from happening in the future.

Decision Points:


Reusable Docker Containers

  • Discuss plan to determine how create Docker containers and store them on NCI Nexus server for reuse in our lexevs-system-tests.
    • CentOS 7
    • Tomcat 8.x
    • Java 8.x
    • MySQL 5.6.x
Discussion Points:
  • Currently, pull resources into the container - but doesn't actually use NCI provided version.
  • NCI currently manually updates software as new versions become available.
  • CentOS, Tomcat, Java, MySQL available in Nexus for others to use.
  • NCI is trying to provide solution in the future.
    • Not available in LexEVS Production environment
  • Would be possible for NCI to pull Docker Hub and store the container in Nexus.
  • Goal is to not have to worry about Docker Hub releases day to day. Idea is to run on what is NCI supported.
  • Short Term
    • NCI pulls MySQL, etc. from Docker Hub and store in NCI internal. Allow the system tests to pull from NCI internal.
  • Long Term Goal
    • Fully docker-ized for production.

Decision Points:

  • Cory/Jacob to let Wei know which versions of components to pull from Docker Hub.
  • Wei to look at how to docker-ize the tier deployment.
  • Wei to give access to allow Mayo team to put containers on NCI internal Nexus.
  • Cory to send Wei the architecture to start preparing the docker-ization.
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