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LexEVS and Report Exporter Planning

Current Situation

  • LexEVS meeting evolved into EVS meeting 

  • There is a need to have a focused LexEVS/Report Exporter meeting to discuss

    1. Current priorities

    2. Discuss issues

    3. Planning

Reporter Exporter Planning
  1. Ongoing maintenance

  2. New Features

    1. Add ability for survey

    1. Provide ROLES - similar to attributes - as a stand alone report

      1. provide list of options (flat list)

        1. All roles

        2. select a subset of roles

        3. group by domain if supported might be useful

      2. Other options for consideration.

        1. type ahead

      1. codes entered and then provide structure to chose role and target for the role.

      2. provide features that help users to define the query (over 100 roles)

      3. look at simple and elegant way for users

    2. Provide ASSOCIATIONS - similar to ROLES

    1. End user Response

    2. Provide feasibility analysis of technical standpoint to provide...

LexEVS Planning
  1. Ongoing maintenance

    1. Prioritized items

      1. Provide link to Lyuba for review. (Craig)

        1. will consider time and cost

  2. Technical Debt Requirements

    1. Provide Prioritized List to Lyuba.

      1. Risks and Cost

  3. Loader maintenance

    1. Ongoing

Ongoing Meetings
  • 2 weeks?

  • Set up meeting to review above topics
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