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CTS2 Status (current and future) - Dr. Jiang and Harold

  • CTS2 RTF - no action for 18 months (no funding/time)
  • CTS2 opportunities - FHIR collaboration possibility
  • Mayo Research - Guoqian gave background of usages
      • D2 Refine workbench lexevs plugin
      • OWL1 - phenotype algorithm (quality data model leverages CTS2 services to grab value sets)
      • PCORI grant - CTS2 mapping (value set workbench)
      • BD2K pending project to use CTS2 with I2B2
      • caDSR and FHIR paper/grant
      • IC11 services using CTS2 specification
      • Using CTS2 service at NCI 
        • works well
        • some features are missing

NIH LexEVS and CTS2 – LexEVS Team and NIH

NIH LexEVS - Larry
  • Moving forward, they need REST services
Larry asked how could NCI LexEVS CTS2 services be promoted to others?
  • HL7 tutorials
  • Bootcamps
Craig asked how do we continue and advance CTS2 in a collaborative way with NCI
Larry commented that LexEVS/CTS2 users ask for functionality that isn’t implemented.  Craig mentioned that  we can prioritize that work and implement a fix.  However, promoting code changes to production (feature for a user) takes too long.
Complex Value Set doesn’t fit into CTS2 VS.  
  • Larry asked if CTS2 can be extended to fit that?
    • Harold said this is similar to pick lists (hierarchal value sets)  - this didn’t make it in the CTS2 spec., but could be.


Next Steps
  • Larry/Sherri suggested that we compile a set of key gaps in our communities and how they might be filled.
    • Gaps on both the NCI side and in Mayo’s work
      • From Mayo’s perspective, FHIR and CTS2 is a gap
    • What can CTS2 do?  How can it support NCI’s requirements?
    • What doesn’t fit in the CTC2 framework?  Would these be extensions? 
  • Series of discussions (like this one)

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