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Review current LexEVS CTS2 Services (Cory)

  • Review of existing services was discussed.
  • There are additional structural profiles that we may want to consider for implementation.

Continue discussion around what is missing from current REST CTS2 service. (All)


  • OWL2 considerations
    • Statement 
    • BNode (not supported purely in CTS2)
    • No canonical RDF Spec for CTS2
  • Modeling considerations (for example Neoplasm)
    • Flattening of content necessary to represent in LexEVS
    • There are things that were not able to be represented in LexEVS nor CTS2.
      • Issues
        • Restrictions bundled together in role groups
        • Ability to represent conjunctions and disjunctions.
        • within a given cancer, there are multiple prognosis - but will be flattened and nonsensical.
  • Relationship between LexEVS and graph or RDF/SPARQL
    • Support for partonomy
  • GDC groups
  • Value Set complexity
  • Mapping considerations
    • current LexEVS CTS2 support - search and complex construction
  • Available CTS2 services
    • LexEVS widely known service today.
    • Research is looking for a mature standard.  However there are gaps in functionality currently implemented.
    • Suggested that someone represent LexEVS at the FHIR table at HL7.


Next Steps
  • Schedule our next meeting to prioritize the above list
  • Schedule focused discussions on each topic (follow on meetings).

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