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LexGrid Loader Mapping
Scott Bauer, Craig Stancl
LexGrid Ontology Loader Mapping LexGrid Vocabulary Services for caBIG® (LexBIG)

LexGrid Source Mapping Guide
Last Modified: September 26, 2008
Authors: Scott Bauer, Craig Stancl
LexGrid Source Mapping Guide LexGrid Vocabulary Services for caBIG® (LexBIG) Version 1.0

LexValueSets: An Approach for Context-Driven Value Sets Extraction
Jyotishman Pathak, PhD,* Guoqian Jiang, PhD,* Sridhar O. Dwarkanath, BS, James D. Buntrock, MS, and Christopher G. Chute, MD, DrPH - Mayo Clinic
"The ability to model, share and re-use value sets across multiple medical information systems is an important requirement. However, generating value sets semi-automatically from a terminology service is still an unresolved issue, in part due to the lack of linkage to clinical context patterns that provide the constraints in defining a concept domain and invocation of value sets extraction. Towards this goal, we develop and evaluate an approach for context-driven automatic value sets extraction based on a formal terminology model. The crux of the technique is to identify and define the context patterns from various domains of discourse and leverage them for value set extraction using two complementary ideas based on (i) local terms provided by the Subject Matter Experts (extensional) and (ii) semantic definition of the concepts in coding schemes (intensional). A prototype was implemented based on SNOMED CT rendered in the LexGrid terminology model and a preliminary evaluation is presented."

OWL to LexGrid Mapping (174 KB)
Cui Tao, Mayo Clinic

LexRDF: A Semantic-Web Compatible Extension of LexGrid+ (2.81MB)
Cui Tao Ph.D., Jyotishman Pathak Ph.D., Harold R. Solbrig, Wei-Qi Wei, Christopher G. Chute M.D. Dr. P.H.
December 7, 2010

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