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This project provided externalization and support of LexGrid-based terminology software (services, persistence, tooling) developed for the caBIG® Vocabulary and Common Data Elements workspace.

The goal of the project was a vocabulary server built using standards-based and commodity technologies and accessible through a well-structured application programming interface (API) capable of accessing and distributing vocabularies as commodity resources.

Primary objectives for the project included:

  • Provide a robust and scalable open source implementation of EVS-compliant terminology services. The API specification is based on but not limited to fulfillment of the EVS/caCORE API. The specification is further refined to accommodate changes and requirements based on prioritized needs of the caBIG® community.
  • Provide a flexible implementation for terminology storage and persistence, allowing for alternative mechanisms without impacting client applications or end users. Initial development focuses on delivery of open source freely available solutions, though this does not preclude the ability to introduce commercial solutions such as Oracle.
  • Provide standard tooling for loading and distribution of vocabulary content. This involves support of standardized representations in UMLS Rich Release Format (RRF) and the OWL web ontology language. Vocabulary editing, vocabulary submission, and vocabulary cross-linking are out of scope for this aim.

This project was developed by the Division of Biomedical Informatics at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

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