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Regular Expression Implementation Details

The regular expression search searches against lower cased text. Additionally, this searches against the entire string as a single token, rather than the tokenized string.


The Regular Expression search has the following characteristics:

  • This search searches only lower cased text. 
  • It searches on the untokenized lower cased property value.  
  • Analyzers are not applied to the expression.  However, the expression is lower cased (this is an explicit step done outside of Lucene by LexEVS code).

Example of use:

The following examples are based on the Automobiles coding scheme.

Example 1:

Search string: automobi.*

Lucene query: untokenizedLCPropertyValue:automobi.*

Result: 1 result

  • entity code: A0001
  • entity description: Automobile

Example 2:
Search string: .*utomobile

Lucene query: untokenizedLCPropertyValue:.*utomobile

Result: 1 result

  • entity code: A0001
  • entity description: Automobile

Associated JUnits:

Junits can be found here:



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