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Report Exporter Release Highlights Include:

Issues Fixed in this Release

Report Exporter 2.0.0 - Features Implemented


Vue 2 to Vue 3 upgrade

Report Exporter 2.0.0 - Defects Fixed

Report Exporter Release Notes

  • Date: 4/26/23
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • What’s new:

    • When you enter a entity code in the text field and press the space bar on the keyboard, a blue rectangle would appear below the text field.  The blue rectangle would contain the entity code that you entered along with the description ex.”C12912:Abnormal Cell “.   This would apply to all of the screens (Export Entities, Export Resolved Branch, Export Roles, and Export Associations).

    • For all screens if an entry code is not selected or entered then the system would not proceed to the next screen. 

    • For the screen that has the two properties list boxes, you have the ability to select multiple entries at one time from the left list box.  You could drag and select multiple entries.  You would then press the blue button with the arrow pointing to the right to move those entries to the right list box.  You could do the same with the right list box.  

    • The Government warning verbiage regarding accessing a US Government website has been moved to a green box on the top right-hand corner of the screen.  It would appear on the screen for a few seconds then it would go away.

    • For the Resolved Branch Export screen, you could pick a concept code from the drop-down list.  Once that is selected it would appear in the text field, you would then press the space bar to generate the blue rectangle with the code and description ex. “C12912:Abnormal Cell” listed in it. 

    • For the Resolved Branch Export screen, a new NCIt Tree was added.  The tree is shown in the middle of the page.  When you click on the top root of the tree, the system would automatically listed the code and description from your selection in a blue rectangle box on top ex. “C12912:Abnormal Cell”. If the code/description entry on the tree has a star (*) after it then you have reached the leaf on the tree and wouldn’t be able to select the code.  

    • On the Resolved Branch Export screen every time you click on a root node for the first time the system would generate a arrow like this (>) which indicates middle branches are available for selection.  To get to the middle branches with the codes you would click on the arrow to expand the tree out.  You would then repeat those steps if you wanted to get to the next branch of codes.
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