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Remennik, LyubovNIH/NCI
Lucas, Jason RIS
Bauer, Scott  Mayo
Stancl, CraigMayo
Endle,  CoryMayo

Kuntipuram, Kumar



Report Exporter Planning


  • Survey workflow and refine requirements
    • Mock-up
    • Back End processing
      • DB / email
        • Lyuba suggested to go the simplest way. Don’t over complicate.

        • We should explore the email option

      • Report
    • Security Reviews for data?
    • Craig asked if there are other tools doing this?

      • Jason mentioned that Terms form sends email to distribution list.

    • We suggested the "Survey" link could be "Feedback".
  • Roles workflow
    • Mock-up
    • Lyuba asked what happens if user selects multiple concepts?
      • Possibly have a checkbox for selecting roles or something explicit to choose all roles
        • Then we wouldn't need role selection page
    • Lyuba mentioned that we don't need properties - They are in our original report.
    • Lyuba suggested that the editor look at this and review this.
    • Refine requirements
  • Review Requirements
  • Lyuba said this would be the same as the Roles (above).
Editors Meeting
  • Lyuba suggested that we review the Roles and Associations workflow with the editors.
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