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The following table identifies features added for the current and past releases.


Development Focus

Release Date


Workflow Enhancements/Fixes

  • Add a tab for proposing a new concept
  • Fixes to the concept proposal changes tab feature
  • Fixes to the "Add Another" button
    Update Extensions
  • Latest version of MediaWiki and relevant extensions
  • Inclusion of Semantic Bundle (a pre-packaged bundle of extensions)
    Streamline Installation
  • Easy and straightforward installation process for multiple platforms and complex extensions
  • Removed the Subversion project files from the distribution

January 3, 2011


Improve Installation Process

  • Installation process is now more robust, addressing platform-related issues.
  • Improved installer documentation including a section on troubleshooting common

April 30, 2009


First Public Release Package

  • Creation of a publicly available release package

February 9, 2009

The table below outlines features which are a priority for future releases.

Please use the End User Forum or email the Vocabulary Knowledge Center if you would like to suggest features to include in future releases.


Development Focus

Proposed Date


Search Enhancements

  • Alignment with the latest Halo extension, especially for search capability