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Accomplishments this month
Set up an issues-tracking capability for the Lung Nodule Challenge. Users can report issues, which are answered by email. This was set up within the CodaLab environment.
Planned for next month
Instantiating a system for logging the issues and their resolution.


Bi-weekly Meeting #12/1/2018






DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date
Problem downloading data :- I've been trying to download the data from the challenge but didn't succeed. I've also tried the links given by you in the forum pages ( and tried with windows and ubuntu in Chrome and Mozilla. Thank you in advance for your attention to this mail. I will appreciate any help you could give me on this matter. Uploaded the files to dropbox and shared the link with user.Closed26-Feb-201827-Feb-2018
Submission :- In the submission page, there is the following message: "Please note: submission functionality for the training phase is currently down -- check back soon for submission details!" The deadline for the submission is approaching. Is there a estimate of when the feature will be back online? Uploaded the evaluation script and resolved the submission issueClosed26-Feb-201828-Feb-2018
Abstract Submission :- The website doesn't appear to have any location to submit the abstract as explained in the Submission details. Also, what format (.doc, .pdf, etc) is desired? ThanksUpdated information in "Submission Details" sectionClosed28-Feb-201828-Feb-2018
Cannot Submit XLS File for Training Results:- Hi, I am still not able to submit/upload my training results to the challenge. I have tried on all three common PC browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer/Edge). Thanks!Uploaded the evaluation script and resolved the submission issueClosed26-Feb-201828-Feb-2018



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