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1) Digital Pathology: Segmentation of Nuclei in Images

2) Combined Radiology and Pathology Classification

3) 18F-FDG PET Radiomics Risk Stratifiers in Head and Neck Cancer

4) Pancreatic Cancer Survival Prediction challenge



Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #207/19/2018





DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date

The maximum number of submissions has been reached. error with first submission :-Hello there I tried to submit my first results and got the following error The maximum number of submissions has been reached.. I assume this must be a bug in the system because I have not submitted anything yet. Best.

Check with organizer and update evaluation scriptClosed8/02/20188/04/2018
Cant submit test images result:How to submit test image results. The system may have some bugs that I cant upload any file.Organizer set max number of submission to zero, therefore can make any submission.Closed8/03/20188/03/2018
Submission error The maximum number of submissions has been reached:- I get the following error every time I submit in the testing section The maximum number of submissions has been reached. It would be great if you could provide a possible solution. Thanking you. Regards Rajiv
Modified the date for training phase.Closed8/04/20188/06/2018
Issue in submitting result for leaderboard:- Hi I am seeing an error while submitting the error here is a problem with the leaderboard Are all of the leaderboard column names matched with scores saved in scores.txt Traceback most recent call last File line 495 in getcontextdata contextgroups phase.scores File line 823 in scores computedvalues KeyError 138L Regards Sumit Jha
Made code changes to resolve the issue.Closed8/06/20188/09/2018
Question about submission deadline for training phase:- Hello I showed that the training phase of the competition is closed. But there is no notice about submission deadline in instructions Is there no chance for submitting training results Please answer the question Thank youCommunicate with user that there is no functionality, that triggers email before competition phase complete.Closed8/7/20188/9/2018
Cannot upload test results:- Not being able to submit the test results. Need help.User output file was not as expected. size of data in the header 500 500 doesn't match the number of lines 250000.Closed8/7/20188/9/2018
Questions about the data and submission :- Dear whom it may concern. I have some questions about the data in traing set 1. How you define the label A or O. Is it based on the gene marker like 1p19q and IDH mutation This question comes from the case 30 cbtctrain30 whole slide image which the right part of this slide is seems to be A rather than O. Addition this part of tissue seems to be grade IV not you state lower grade glioma tumor which usually to be grade II and III. 2. Is that mean we can use these two types of dataradiology and histology no matter how we process it to predict A and O This question comes from that you gave nothing about the ROI in these two type of data.Forwarded request to organizer to check if there any issue with data.Closed8/9/20188/10/2018
Leaderboard Update:- Hi Please update the leader board score as is showing 1 for all Regards SumitjhaMade the code changes and resolved the issue.Closed8/9/20188/13/2018

Error in submitting zip file:- We are not being to understand where the error is happening as the error log shows only ERROR.

Made the code changes and resolved the issue.Closed8/11/20188/13/2018
Where is option for submitting testing :- Hello I did not submit for the training as I was waiting for the testing set and now I would like submit for the testing. But I do not see any option of submitting my csvCommunicate with user, however user replayed late and challenge was closed.Closed8/13/20188/16/2018
Submission result failed :- Dear all I have uploaded my prediction result before deadline. But the status is always submitting. Can you help me fix it Thanks Regards Li SunThere was problem on server, so restarted container and restart server.Closed8/15/20188/16/2018

Train data is not available:- Hello I am not able to find the link to download the training data. Please help

Training phase was completed.Closed8/16/20188/16/2018
Competition ending:- Hello I misunderstood that the end of the time is 1159pm on Aug. 16 and I didnt open the result to the leaderboard yet. One of the results I already submitted has the score of 0.635305594122588 and can I upload it to the leaderboardChecked with organizer and they want to consider all the submissions(submitted to leader board or not).Closed8/16/20188/17/2018
Submission result is not showing:- it is showing submitting and not showing any result.There was problem on server, so restarted container and restart server.Closed8/16/20188/16/2018
scoring not working:- scoring is not working. showing submitting and not the results.There was problem on server, so restarted container and restart server.Closed8/16/20188/16/2018
Abstract Report Format:- Is there any format for the abstractprovided information to Uses.Closed8/16/20188/16/2018
Last testing results still submitting:- Hi Our last test results are still marked as submitting and it is now marked that the submissions are closed. I sent them before midnight. Thanks for the help Vincent.There was problem on server, so restarted container and restart server.Closed8/16/20188/16/2018
Submission :- My submission is not showing up on leaderboardMade code changes to resolve the issue.Closed8/16/20188/17/2018
Score :- Im confused of the score got in one submission.Is it only the score in this submissionor the average score in all above submissionsWhen I firstly uploaded my result I made a mistake and it cant be scored.Its a pity.I want to ask if I write cbtctest1 O.can this be understand by your programIm worried about this mistake can affect my score.Wish you best.Waiting for your reply.Issue related with file format.Closed8/16/20188/17/2018
final results :- When will the participants be contacted with the top scores Or has it been done yet ThanksProvided information on emailClosed8/20/20188/20/2018

Unable to download the training data :- Hello Although the competition has officially ended I would like to know if its possible to download the training and test data the link is currently down in order to train myself on the problem for research purposes. Sincerely Carvalho Miguel

Informed user that can not share data after challenge completed.Closed8/26/20188/29/2018

Dataset download link down :- Two links provided for the dataset download are currently down. Can you please check the links

Informed user that can not share data after challenge completed.Closed8/28/20188/29/2018


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