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Accomplishments this month

1) With Samarth's help, address leaderboard issue in SPIE Challenge.

Planned for next month

Gear up for new challenges with MICCAI, QIN, AAPM. Address the issue with test submissions in SPIE challenge.

Andrew traveling the first two weeks of March.


Bi-weekly Meeting #12/14/2019
Bi-weekly Meeting #22/28/2019




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Test results with status finished dont seem to be processed

So we can only see our own scores Because there are only our own scores in the email. Where can we find the leaderboard of all participant

Open15 - February - 2019

submission error

Hello Please help. We receive this error while submitting to SPIEAAPMNCI BreastPathQ Cancer Cellularity Challenge 2019 ongoing challenge httpspiechallenges.cloudapp.netcompetitions14participatesubmitresults Traceback most recent call last File line 254 in run for thefile in os.listdirtempdir OSError Errno 2 No such file or directory tmpcodalab

Open24 - February - 2019


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