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Accomplishments this month

1) Continue aiding Bilal Tahrir with APPM CTVIE competition, particularly with issues around participants registration.

2) Support Mark Gooding + Greg Sharp with their AAPM competition, which has gone live for users but still requires work on evaluation scripts.

3) Work with Keyvan Farahani to create evaluation scripts. This challenge has officially been approved.

4) Work with Samarth to finally address the leaderboard issue.

5) Address user submission complaint with previous Greg Sharp AAPM 2017 challenge.

6) Hire Benjamin Bearce, who will be replacing me as of next week.

Planned for next month
  1. Onboard Benjamin Bearce, who will begin working with the competitions platform as his main priority.

  2. Assess resource requirements for Keyvan Farahani’s MICCAI challenge by inspecting previous year’s loads, and creating testing environments.

  3. Update Codalab documentation on NCI Website

  4. Support Bilal Tahrir and his competition moves into its data analysis phase.

  5. Assist Greg Sharp with developing and implementing evaluation scripts for his competition.

  6. Support tentative QIN Breast challenge as needed.


Bi-weekly Meeting #14/11/2019
Bi-weekly Meeting #2canceled


Launched AAPM CTVIE Challenge4/5/2018


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